Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download
Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download

Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download [Free]

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Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download
Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download

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You must read this post because I have a link at the conclusion where you can easily and quickly get the Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download files. So, let’s continue reading this article right away.

Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download Overview

Book’s NameNa Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download
PDF Sizes1.54 MB | 3.09 MB
AuthorNa. Muthukumar
Downloading LinkAvailable ✅
Published By1 January 2020

Na Muthukumar was a prolific Tamil poet and lyricist who won many awards for his work. He also wrote lyrics for numerous movies in the Tamil Nadu industry. He was the winner of two National Awards and four Filmfare Awards South.

In his career, he worked with several heroes, directors, and singers, but Yuvan Shankar Raja was his best friend. The famous composer often misses the late lyricist and his words.

Na Muthukumar Books

If you love Tamil story books, you will want to read Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download. This book is the autobiography of Muthukumar, a well-known writer and lyricist in Tamil cinema. The book covers various aspects of his life, including his childhood, marriage, and family. It also talks about his writing journey and how he wrote the first song lyrics for a movie. It is unique because it is non-linear but keeps the reader engaged.

Muthukumar was born in Kannikapuram, Kancheepuram, on 12 July 1975 and passed away in Chennai on 14 August 2016. He was an ardent reader and is said to have read over a lakh books in his lifetime. He was also an avid poet and won several Filmfare awards for his works.

The book focuses on his experiences and how they changed him. It is a personal account of his life and makes for a gripping read. It is one of the best books on self-discovery and transformation.

Na Muthukumar Quotes in Tamil

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Best of Na Muthukumar

One of the most renowned Tamil lyricists, Na Muthukumar, was a man with a heart of gold. He passed away this year due to jaundice at 41, leaving behind an irreplaceable void in cinema and literature.

The late lyricist wrote over 1,500 songs, many of which were massive hits. He wrote for multiple directors and singers, including Yuvan Shankar Raja. He won two National awards for the song Aanandha Yazhai from Ram’s Thanga Meenkal and Azhage Azhagu from AL Vijay’s Saivam. He also won four Filmfare Awards South.

Apart from movies, Muthukumar also wrote for several theatre plays and novels. His book Anil Aadum Mundril was published as a weekly series in the popular Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan and became famous. It was later made into a book which Vikatan Books published.

Despite his busy schedule, Muthukumar found time to help those in need and write poetry. He was a great lover of nature and loved spending time in the wild. He also loved traveling and spent most of his time with his family. He was also an avid reader and could recite whole poems by heart. He wanted to set up a modern library and open it to all.


Muthukumar was born in Kannikapuram village, Kancheepuram, and grew up in a middle-class family. He completed his bachelor’s degree in physics and began writing poetry. He later became a lyricist and worked under Balu Mahendra for several years. He wrote many famous songs and poems, including “Thor.”

Muthukumar died on 14 August 2016, in Chennai, India, at 51. His wife and children survived him. Muthukumar was one of the most influential Tamil writers whose works will live on for generations. He will be missed by all who knew him. Rest in peace, Na Muthukumar.

Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download Page

Free PDF downloads of Na Muthukumar books are available at the link provided below. Using the direct link at the bottom of the text, you may immediately read the book online as well.

Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download
Na Muthukumar Books PDF Free Download

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