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Hunting Adeline PDF Download

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Haunting Adeline PDF Download (By H. D. Carlton )
Hunting Adeline PDF

Hunting Adeline PDF Overview

Dark novel Hunting Adeline PDF is the first in H.D. Carlton’s Cat and Mouse Duet series. It investigates the dark spirits that dwell there and the mansion’s hidden secrets. Adeline Reilly, now 26 years old, received Parsons Manor, a gothic home formerly her grandmother’s. She quickly learns that her grandma was murdered there and that someone is stalking her.

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TitleHunting Adeline PDF
File TypePDF & READ Online
Another BookHaunting Adeline PDF
GenreRomance novel, Thriller, Erotic literature, Contemporary romance, Gothic fiction, Romantic fantasy
Originally published12 July 2021
PublisherH. D. Carlton

Hunting Adeline Summary

You will adore “Hunting Adeline PDF” by H D Carlton if you enjoy dark romance and Gothic fiction. In this tale, Adeline, a young woman, inherits a mansion from her reclusive uncle and unearths a labyrinth of dangers and secrets. A captivating and unsettling story that will keep you on the edge of your seat is created by the book’s clever combination of romance, mystery, and horror themes.

It’s important to know that the book has some trigger warnings, such as nonconsensual sexual activity, human trafficking, murder, and violence. These, meanwhile, are not stated explicitly in the text and may be taken differently by various readers. Fans of Dark Fantasy and Romance will undoubtedly enjoy this book, a fantastic addition to the Cat and Mouse Duet series.

The writing in Hunting Adeline is interesting, and the characters are intriguing. Also included in the novel are turns and twists that keep you guessing until the end. Anyone who enjoys romance novels, thrillers, erotica, Contemporary romance, Gothic fiction, and romantic fantasy must read them. This book’s follow-up, Killing Eve, will be published in 2022.

Hunting Adeline Trigger Warnings

Adeline’s journey is a complicated one filled with lies and betrayal. The plot is interesting, and the characters are well-developed. But some readers could find the book upsetting. It touches on rape, human trafficking, and other sexual violence topics. Additionally, it touches on some delicate subjects like murder and passing away.

Hunting Adeline is a great book, even though it contains triggering material. To draw the reader in, the author employs a distinctive writing style. After each chapter, she also includes handwritten remarks. These provide evidence of her commitment to her work.

Haunting Adeline, the first book in the Cat and Mouse Duet series, is a sinister romance that examines sexual assault, retaliation, and betrayal within the family. Anyone who enjoys reading dark romance books must read this.

The novel is a grand saga of family, love, and tragedy, written with the author’s gift for developing engaging storylines and characters. See more ideas about books, Adeline and Fyp.

Hunting Adeline Series

With some explicit violence and sexual material, the series is dark and edgy. Trigger warnings are also included. There are mentions of murder, drug abuse, and suicide in these. In this narrative, Adeline must deal with loss and trauma. The novel is engaging with strong character development and an intriguing premise.

H. D. Carlton wrote the eerie love story, Haunting Adeline. It belongs to the Cat and Mouse Duet collection. Two women’s lives are followed in this dual-perspective tale. Adeline first acquired Parsons Manor, the home of her grandmother. Her grandmother’s journals, which provide insight into her background, are found by her.

Fans of dark romance and suspense will love this book. It must be read! Please read the first book, Haunting Adeline, before picking up Hunting Adeline because it finishes on a cliffhanger. You will be on the edge of your seat while reading this novel, which is not for the weak heart. You won’t want to put it down because it is such a suspenseful thriller.

Hunting Adeline Audiobook

It could be challenging to read Haunting Adeline PDF because it is a dark, frightening book. The second book in the Cat and Mouse Duet series tells the tale of a woman who has a troubled history. Parsons Manor, a gothic home that looks like it belongs in a horror movie, is what Addie received from her grandparents. In her secret-filled home, she learns that her great-grandmother was murdered. As a result, she becomes a target for the Society, a human trafficking organization.

Action and romance abound in this book, but there are also numerous trigger warnings. Anyone with a history of trauma or mental health problems or who may be sensitive to the book’s content should not read this book. It has distressing sexual content that is explicit and graphic, as well as other unpleasant content. Despite these cautions, you won’t want to put this narrative down since it is captivating. The characters are well-developed, and the writing is both lovely and scary. Fans of H. D. Carlton’s writing should read this.


Adeline moves to a little village at the beginning of the novel. She develops feelings for the enigmatic Nathaniel and starts dating him. She quickly learns that he is a ghost and that his past is heavily entwined with her present circumstances. When his past haunts him, he finds himself caught between the living and the dead and must fight for Adeline’s affection.

Carlton’s skillfully crafted narrative will captivate readers from start to finish. She builds believable environments and has an excellent pace. She also does an excellent job of establishing the character’s emotions and mental condition. Compared to Haunting Adeline, Hunting Adeline PDF is a significantly darker book. Although it has many of the same motifs, it is more emotionally and mentally taxing. The same human trafficking ring that kidnaps Addie in the first book also targets her in this one. Getting there is a dark trip, but the resulting drama has a gratifying conclusion.

Download Page of Hunting Adeline PDF

Hunting Adeline PDF is available for free download as a PDF from the link given below. You may also easily read the book online using the direct link at the text’s bottom.

Haunting Adeline PDF Download (By H. D. Carlton )
Hunting Adeline PDF

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