A Game of Thrones PDF
A Game of Thrones PDF

A Game of Thrones PDF Download [Free]

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A Game of Thrones PDF

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A Game of Thrones PDF Overview

The Game of Thrones books form the foundation for an HBO series which has become an international sensation. This epic tale chronicles conflict among Westeros’ seven kingdoms.

One of the key distinctions between the books and show involves Daenerys Targaryen in particular: George RR Martin plotted out her gradual descent into madness within them.

Book’s NameA Game of Thrones PDF
PDF Size3.73 MB
AuthorGeorge R. R. Martin
Downloading LinkAvailable ✅
GenresNovel, Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy, Political fiction
Published By1 August 1996

A Game of Thrones Book PDF

A Game of Thrones Book PDF is an epic fantasy story set in Westeros. The plot follows war and power struggles among various noble houses; King Robert Baratheon stands as the central figure and sits atop his Iron Throne to lead his kingdom which faces threats from all directions: to its north lie wild lands while beyond its walls lurk sinister forces that threaten its existence.

Winterfell stands in peril from within and without, as its realm is threatened both externally and internally by powerful enemies both old and new. Winterfell’s protection from mysterious Others and lethal wildlings has been compromised by an ancient inhuman race and desperate family seeking unlawful power.

At the center of treacherous plots and counterplots, tragedy, and betrayal lies an implacable woman on an epic journey. Here lords, ladies, soldiers, sorcerers, assassins and bastards come together at a time of grim omens; an enigmatic band of warriors sporting swords of nonhuman metal join forces with Viserys the Dragon Prince who barters his sister for power; Ser Jorah Mormont is exiled from his homeland to serve Viserys who is said to have descended from dragons himself.

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Westeros is home to numerous powerful families who vie for control, while an ancient enemy rears his ugly head once more. One major plot point involves the Night’s Watch warriors who pledge their lives to protecting Westeros from its most notorious foe, known as Others or wildlings living beyond the Wall in northern wilderness; additionally Daenerys Targaryen seeks to rebuild her army and return home after her home was usurped by usurpers.

The second storyline follows the backstabbing and plotting of various house members as they compete for power. Notable players include Starks of Winterfell, Lannisters from Casterly Rock and Baratheons from Dragonstone. Other prominent players include Jon Snow (illegitimate son of former king Robert Baratheon), Tyrion Lannister (avenging brother) and Cersei Lannister (half-sister of Robert Baratheon).

The third and final storyline involves the fate of the Iron Throne itself. Show writers have adapted Martin’s books into three seasons; however, his plans to extend this series into seven books may yet come into fruition.

A Game of Thrones Book PDF Audiobook

After its adaptation into an HBO television show, this book series has experienced immense growth in popularity over recent years. Anybody who enjoyed either medium fantasy television series should read them as they contain rich and intricate descriptions with complex story lines that may or may not always be easy to follow.

The main story revolves around the struggle amongst noble houses for control of the Iron Throne, featuring various characters and factions vying for it. After Robert Baratheon is dead, his heir-apparent Joffrey Lannister is declared king thanks to Cersei Lannister. Meanwhile Eddard Stark’s son Robb lays claim to the North while Lord Balon Greyjoy fights hard to recover his homeland of Iron Islands.

Princess Daenerys of House Targaryen is married off to a warlord but soon plots her revenge. A powerful and deadly dragon born from their union threatens everything Daenerys has ever loved; in this tale of lords, ladies, soldiers, sorcerers, assassins and bastards against an uncertain backdrop, there may well be grim omens ahead.

A Game of Thrones Book PDF Analysis

Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy series by George R. R. Martin set in a fictional world filled with swords, sorcery, and magic. These books have won numerous awards and been translated into over 30 languages worldwide.

Beginning at Winterfell Castle in Northern Scotland, Ned Stark is approached by King Robert to become his right-hand assistant or Hand of the King. Ned agrees, although Catelyn warns him about possible connections with Jon Arryn’s mysterious death as the previous Hand.

Westeros is in chaos and many families vie for power. Eddard Stark’s eldest son Robb is declared King in the North while Lord Balon Greyjoy wants reclaim his region on Iron Islands; and finally a prince from Targaryen devises plans to usurp his homeland and usurp the throne – their fates all intertwine in an intricate tale with no obvious victor.

Download Page of A Game of Thrones PDF

A Game of Thrones PDF can be downloaded from the link provided below. You can also quickly read the book online by using the direct link at the bottom of the text.

A Game of Thrones PDF
A Game of Thrones PDF


Published in 1996, A Game of Thrones PDF introduced readers to Westeros, where an oppressive monarch rules over seven kingdoms with political manipulation, backstabbing and familial strife raging throughout. The novel centers around several families competing for power with each chapter featuring third-person limited point-of-view characters such as Eddard Stark, Catelyn Stark, Arya Stark Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen as key protagonists.

This book presents a lengthy and in-depth history of the seven kingdoms and their neighbors from medieval Europe through to Robert’s Rebellion under Targaryen rule and Robert Stark/Lannister family trees. George R.R. Martin has released several blog posts and preview chapters from The Winds of Winter, his seventh and final novel in his seven-book saga that picks up after A Dance with Dragons.

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